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Career Counseling/Coaching

Our expert Career Coach will put your strength, weakness, motivation, interest and make a long list career option which is fulfilling, enjoying and prosperous.

We also offer a career strategy session is specifically designed to help you determine if career counseling/coaching is right for your needs and, if so, to help you decide which model is most appropriate. We only accept people who are SERIOUS about working together.

If you have any question concerning our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Career decisions can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get stuck weighing the pros and cons and trying to predict the future, all the while growing more and more anxious. Many people end up feeling like there’s no “good” answer.

Cost of choosing wrong career is very high. You get distracted; you lose motivation. It’s natural, but dangerous. Years go by and, before you know it, your once tangible goals have become nothing more than distant dreams.

At Life Skills Development we use a unique career counseling/coaching approach designed to understand your needs and wants in life and develops an actionable plan to achieve your desired career.
There are some easy steps that you can take that will increase your chances of success at interviews. Here are some easy steps that you can take that will increase your chances of success at interviews.

First, remember that job interviews should be a process of two-way communication. It is an opportunity to sell yourself and convince the interviewer that you are the best person for the job.

So think of an interview as a sales pitch. And before you can do your sales pitch, you must understand your product – Yourself. 

Take a notepad and jot down some thoughts to the following question:

What are the three biggest achievement of your career?
What are you most proud of outside of your work?
What are your goals in your career?
What would you like to get out of your next job move?
Why should an employer want you to work for them?

Don't forget Interview Skills is an art and when an employer is interviewing a potential employee they are usually looking for hard as well Soft/behavioral skills. Learning following skills have a great impact on interview:

Making a great impression
Dealing with typical question
Taking about your personal qualities
Fending off trick questions
Asking the right question

To acquire the above art of various types of interviews, which can be an asset for your whole career, please contact Life Skills Development.
Interview Skills
"No matter how long you've been looking for it, success usually finds you before you're ready"
                                                                                                  - Barbara Sher, Wishcraft
​Everyone wants to appear attractive to others. While we can only enhance our looks to a certain extent, we have the ability to improve our personality as much as we want. We can develop or integrate any trait that we deem fitting and agreeable. A charming, happy personality will make a lasting impression on everyone around you.

Communication is an integral aspect of life. Possessing the right communication or interpersonal skills allows an individual to excel both personally & professionally.

Through this course, students will learn the art of positive thinking; presenting a positive first impression; building their self confidence, developing the right attitude & right tools to communicate the right message at the right time will help them to excel in life.

In “Personality & Communication Development”, we offer the following Modules:

Developing the Right Confidence and Attitude
The Art of Positive Thinking
Building Self Confidence
Art of Speaking Effectively
Body Language 
Developing Listening Skills
Personality & Communication Skills Development